When to clean your air ducts

Everyone accepts that it is nice to get out into the fresh air. An escape from the city in the countryside there is less pollution or at least that is the perception. There is something invigorating in breathing in fresh air. One of the obstacles to fresh air’s circulation in the home is the dust that accumulates within the house and unless the air ducts are clean it circulates throughout the rooms. One of the worst times for dust gathering is if any form of renovation is done, or perhaps an extension. That creates dust that can gather in the ducts. After such work is finished you will get everything cleaned and that should include the air ducts.

Dust is likely to cause minor health issues to everyone in the house but for those with chest problems it can be more serious. Dust and debris in general can lie hidden if you allow it, so cleaning air ducts should be something that you plan at regular intervals. How often you do it, or more likely get someone to call with their extraction equipment will vary depending on your immediate environment.


There are air duct cleaning companies who will do the work for you but it is important to look at reputation and less so price. You don’t want to pay more than necessary but equally it is a job that requires the contractor to have the right equipment and a commitment to service. Some headline advertising may catch your eye but the question will be whether there will be anything added when the cleaning is completed.

The price ought to be based upon the number of ducts in the house or its overall size. There really ought not to be a great difference between what the reputable companies will charge. Anything that is dramatically lower should getting you thinking something may not be right.

New Home Cleaning

If you move into a new house you should always get the air ducts cleaned before you move in. Over time you will get an idea of the frequency with which you should get contractors to return. If you do get any work done around the house then you will need a visit as soon as that work is finished and then you can resume your usual schedule.

The quickest way to find out if you need your air ducts cleaning is to take off each of your covers and look. Perhaps you can take a photograph and look at it closely? If dust seems to be building up quickly after you have given the house a good clean that can often be a sign that the ducts are not as clean as they might be.

There are many reasons for getting a dry throat or cough and the atmosphere is certainly one of them. It pays not to ignore the dust in air ducts simply because it is out of sight. Get a good contractor whom you know works to accepted standards to call and quote for the job if cleaning has not been part of your regular home maintenance.

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