Top 3 home lawnmowers reviewed

Keen gardeners take pride in their gardens. Tastes vary and achieving a balance of color throughout the whole year can be a challenge.  When it comes to grass then it is pretty much green all year round unless there is a serious drought in which case it will need plenty of water. Good lawns need more attention than water because weeds and moss are likely to invade and grass is unsightly unless it is cut regularly. An average size lawn can be cut with a hand mower. It is just a matter of walking behind the mower in straight lines, gathering the cuttings for a composite heap then standing back to admire your good work. You will need a good mower to do the job efficiently and regularly.

Self-propelled mowers 

You need to avoid tall grass and that means regularly attending to your lawn. If you buy a self-propelled mower all you really need to do is to guide it; little pushing required. When considering what to buy you need to look at the specifications of those on the short list and consider whether a model is suitable for a lawn of your size. It should start easily without the need for multiple pulls and be made by a manufacturer who provide good warranties because mowers do experience wear and tear. A year’s full warranty should be standard.

  • The Toro Recycler 20353 cuts grass without a great deal of effort on your part as long as it is not asked to cut especially long grass. It gathers up the cuttings efficiently. The whole range of Toro Recycler mowers get good marks for the job they do.
  • The Honda HRR2169VLA is particularly good if you want something that helps you bag and mulch the cuttings. The battery is charging as you mow so there will be no worries when you get it out to cut the grass again.

Push mowers

When you have a limited budget you may find that a push mower is a better alternative.  Pushing is actually a good form of exercise if you don’t have a great deal of time to go to a health center or jog. If you only have a small lawn then it does not require a mower for other than reliability.

Ideally, you will have a fairly flat lawn if you decide on a push mower. It will produce a consistent cut that will cut the grass like a pair of scissors. That reduces any possible damage to the tissues of the ‘’leaf’’ and hence the leaves will retain more water and be more resistant to disease.

  • The Craftsman 37432 is good push mower, easy to handle and at a very competitive price.

There are many mowers on the market. What you should do when you are thinking of buying is to research the subject, and that includes how well your intended purchase will treat your grass. If your grass thrives then your garden will be the envy of all.

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