Eco-friendly/natural products to feed your trees

Nature takes care of plants and trees; their leaves use the sun, carbon dioxide and water to create the nourishment to help them grow. They take nutrition from the soil as well but it helps if you give them further help. The question is what to give them?

Good gardeners plan their gardens and how to help their plants and trees reach their full potential. One way to do that is to use a liquid feed; the specific one you use depends on the plants involved. Seaweed is a good natural ingredient and if you want to be certain that everything is receiving what it needs then you should regularly feed using small amounts.

There are granule products that can be mixed with the soil as it is warming up and the growing season is starting. In summary you should ensure that you cover all the things your garden needs:

  • Seaweed as mentioned before provides excellent natural nutrients.
  • Granules release nourishment slowing over a period.
  • Where you are looking to boost your flowers there are fast acting nutrients that will do the job.
  • Some products retain water because it is important to avoid too much water yet will release that water to make sure your plants and trees are not starved of the water they need.

Compost Is Natural

Compost is an ally to every gardener and when you add the right nutrients, natural and eco-friendly to your compost you can be certain that your garden will thrive.

You should learn about all the products available today and which are the best for your particular needs. When it comes to your trees, evergreens can protect your home from the icy blasts of winter and deciduous will provide shade against the heat of the summer; less need for air-con so your environmental contribution increases because you can perhaps save energy?

Home – Made

There are organic options that care about the environment and you can actually make some yourself. Peppers, garlic and onions together are one simple alternative way to rid your garden of unwanted bugs that can damage your trees. It is simply a matter of mixing them in a blender and adding hot water to the paste that is created. The mix should be kept warm for 24 hours, strained and then the liquid can be put into a spray bottle.

Mild dish washing liquid which does not include scent or anti-bacterial components added to vegetable oil and water can be equally effective. The more you look into home made products the more alternatives you can find. Tobacco, oranges and some flowers are also naturally produced yet can combat some of the diseases in nature that can harm your trees. You may not get the results you want from your first effort. Test a variety of them on a small area to see what effect each has on leaf damage and once you get good results treat your trees on a regular basis.

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