Top 3 home lawnmowers reviewed

Keen gardeners take pride in their gardens. Tastes vary and achieving a balance of color throughout the whole year can be a challenge.  When it comes to grass then it is pretty much green all year round unless there is a serious drought in which case it will need plenty of water. Good lawns need more attention than water because weeds and moss are likely to invade and grass is unsightly unless it is cut regularly. Continue reading “Top 3 home lawnmowers reviewed”

When to clean your air ducts

Everyone accepts that it is nice to get out into the fresh air. An escape from the city in the countryside there is less pollution or at least that is the perception. There is something invigorating in breathing in fresh air. One of the obstacles to fresh air’s circulation in the home is the dust that accumulates within the house and unless the air ducts are clean it circulates throughout the rooms. One of the worst times for dust gathering is if any form of renovation is done, or perhaps an extension. That creates dust that can gather in the ducts. After such work is finished you will get everything cleaned and that should include the air ducts. Continue reading “When to clean your air ducts”

Best practices for tree trimming

Nature has always looked after itself though Man has done a decent job interfering. Forests and woods covered much of the land before the population expanded needing wood for construction and land on which to build. These days many proud homeowners care for their gardens and follow the best available advice about how to look after the plants and trees in their gardens. That often involves pruning whether for shape or to remove dead wood. According to one owner of a tree service in Sarasota, it’s extremely important to do any tree trimming or pruning during appropriate times of the year to avoid harming your trees. Continue reading “Best practices for tree trimming”

How to start your own organic garden

There is a great written and spoken about a healthy diet and one of the things that the health conscious has turned to is organic food that needs no artificial ‘’encouragement ‘’ to grow. Within an organic garden nature is largely left to take its course; the aim is not quantity but purity and hence herbicides and pesticides are avoided at all costs. Establishing an organic garden and maintaining it is not especially difficult if you have some space in the garden that gets help from nature and that includes the sun. Continue reading “How to start your own organic garden”